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R&D Innovating


R&D Innovating(图1)
R&D Innovating(图2)
National Soybean Processing Industry Technology Innovation Center

The company relies on the National Food and Material Reserve Bureau of the Academy of Scientific Research and Bejing University of Industry and Commerce to establish the National Soybean Processing Industry Technology Innovation Center. The center has set up more than 800 square meters of laboratory in the Academy of Food Sciences, relying on the advantages of personnel and equipment of the Academy of Food Sciences, to carry out soybean intensive processing technology and application research.

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Xiangchi-South China University of Technology Plant Protein Joint Laboratory

Relying on the team of Professor Yang Xiaoquan of South China University of Technology, the company set up a plant protein joint laboratory to improve the function of soybean protein to meet the nutritional and health needs of the company's customers. Joint Laboratory will develop high-end products and application technology with the help of Guangzhou market frontier advantages.

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1.5 Billion
Total asset up to 1.5 billion RMB
100 Thousand
Techno park of Soy protein with the capacity of 100,000 tons
80 Thousand
Annual capacity of functional isolated soy protein 80,000 tons
100 %
100% Service Awareness
80 Area
Products sold in more than 80 countries and regions
30 Year
More than 30 years' soybean processing history